Why We Exist

Stick to what you do best. We'll handle the Take-Off. Our staff will deliver the data you need to make precise and accurate estimates for your customers. When you need it done quickly, and done right, call us first.

Why would you use PreciseTakeoff.com?
Industry fluctuations may result in a feast or famine effect on your ability to service your customers’ budgetary, estimate and project management needs. Your sales volume has a direct correlation to your bid volume and success rate.  Your estimating and project management staff may not always be ready when your market is – so what will you do?

Plan A – Hire additional staff

  • Salary + Benefits + Payroll Processing
  • Additional expenses – Vehicle use and maintenance – Office Space – Office Equipment
  • Month after month – year after year

Plan B – PreciseTakeoff.com

  • Focused on commercial / architectural painting take-offs.
  • And only when you need them – and that’s it!